Friday, January 21, 2011

Baby Girl is 20 Months

I just love my baby! She's just being so cute today, so I thought I'd do an update on her. She's a talker! She says anything you ask her to and is now talking in sentences of 3 words. "Love you Mom", "Stop that Anwew", "Shh baby seep (sleep)" and such sayings like that! She loves to dance and listen to music. She even asked me in the car this morning, "Song pease."

She recently decided that she does not need her high chair and will eat at the table with everyone else, thank you very much. So she now sits in a big girl chair at the table. She's also trying to tell me about going potty, just yesterday she said, "Big girl potty" and ran to the bathroom, pulling down her pants. She's yet to do anything in the potty even though she's been talking about the potty for a while and I've offered bribery of candy, but I haven't done any training with her as I'm waiting until we've got nothing big planned and we've got one more trip planned in a few weeks. Then if she is still trying to tell me about the potty, I'll train her I guess! Might as well get it over with.

Baby Girl loves puzzles. Oh my goodness, she's good at them too! After she puts a piece in her puzzle, she'll clap her hands and say, "Good job Taitwin". My house is never clean until she goes to bed because only then can I pick up all the puzzles and have them stay put away! She loves baby dolls. For christmas she got a stroller, crib, high chair and baby swing set. She is quite the little mommy to her baby.

Baby Girl loves to have her hair done, clean up her toys (I know, I'm lucky! But don't worry, she pulls them right back out) and get into the fridge. Just this last week she started following in Kermit's footsteps and tried to play in the eggs.... on my new carpet!!!
Baby Girl is the sweetest baby ever. She loves offering kisses, asks for hugs, and hardly ever cries. If she cries, you know she's hurt pretty bad and then it's only for a few seconds after she gets a kiss on her "Owie".

Baby Girl is learning the game of, 'If I drop my blanket and bear out of my crib, my sister will get out of bed and get it for me'. This has led to a few long nights for Miss Piggy as she thinks she needs to take care of Baby Girl! Luckily after a few hours of this game, they both fall asleep.

Baby Girl loves to rub your feet. She'll get some lotion, come to your feet and say, "Toes". Then she'll rip your sock off and kinda scratch/rub your feet. Aren't we lucky!

Baby Girl loves to call Mama (grandma) on the phone and will squeal until she gets her way! She loves to eat. She'd eat string cheese, apples and gogurts for all snacks if you'd let her. And she loves to put on "lips" (lipstick/lipgloss/chapstick) with her 'sisser'.

She is probably around 22lbs (only 11lbs lighter than her big sister) and still rear facing in her carseat!!!! Horray for being safe! She sits in between Kermit and Miss Piggy in the car and takes advantage of having them right there holding her hands everywhere they go!

We are so thankful for our sweet baby!


Bickmore's said...

I would have to say she is definitely a cutie! We need to hang out so I can see her sweet face again!

Ammon & Nicole said...

She sure is cute! Her and Piper have a lot in common..maybe someday they can play together! What does she do with her legs being rear faced in her carseat? I know I heard that you should keep them that way as long as you can, but my kids just have too long of legs. Can you believe she is almost 2!

Gina Sims said...

I still sometimes cannot believe what a miracle she is! She is so cute & I hope that I can see you really soon so I can see all of your wonderful sweet faces!