Friday, January 28, 2011

One Difference Between Kermit and Miss Piggy

My two, nearly twins, kids are similar in many ways. But there are a few things where they are total opposites! Here is one example...
Miss Piggy's backpack after school each day -
Kermit's backpack after school each day.

Now, I would have guessed it to be the other way around, the girl being more organized and the boy in a hurry. Nope! This is even true with their things at school. They have a fabric pocket that hangs over their chairs at school to hold their pencil boxes and supplies. Miss Piggy's is bulging with crumpled up papers and Kermit's is not. I just thought this was kinda funny and had to document it!


Bickmore's said...

That is so funny, I was totally thinking it would be the other way around too! How fun!

Gina Sims said...

That is exactly the case with my kids! I think that Kade got a little more of me. Maybe it's in the name for the girls, since we both have Miss Piggy's!