Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lessons I've Learned with Miss Piggy's Cake!

I always like to try to attempt cute birthday cakes for all of my kids. Some years are better than others and most of the time I remind myself that I don't enjoy doing it! This year started out great and ended up as a FAIL!!!

Miss Piggy wanted a cute princess castle she found in the Family Fun Magazine. I attempted to build one of my own and she was delighted.... until we were in route to the party.... and it fell apart into 3 pieces! I have no pictures of this mess, it was too embarrassing!

The things I learned
-If you want pink sprinkles in the actual cake, get the right kind of pink sprinkles! I decided to take a white cake and add pink sugar in the batter to make pink dots... but sugar dissolves when wet! Duh! We got a lovely pink shaded cake though!

-After decorating, place cake in the fridge! Then your icing stays firm. Otherwise, your cream filing between layers won't squish out and allow the cake to slide all over the place.

-Don't put the candles in until you are ready!!! After taking these pictures I placed 6 candles down the center of the cake. Then it sat at room temperature and gravity started to happen! I gave the cake a natural place to split in half!

-Don't assemble the towers until it's show time! With soft frosting and a breaking point down the middle, the heaviness of the towers was just too much! While in transit, we constantly had to push the towers back up on top of the cake.

In the end as I was walking in the door of Chuck E. Cheese, the east wing detached from the castle, taking the tower down into the moat around the outside of the cake! I prayed for us to make it to the party and that we did. Next time I'll pray for the cake to make it THROUGH the party, lol!

It still tasted good!


Mom of twins ♥ said...

Oh, that's a bummer! It looks so cute!

Nicki said...

I just had to say hi to you guys! THe kids are growing way to fast and are so cute! I hope you guys are all well and that the lessons of life are always this sweet.

Gina Sims said...

It really is adorable! You have great picture of it & it tasted good, all in all I was say a huge success!