Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Our Fantastic Weekend

There are perks to having a father who travels a ton for work... frequent flyer miles! For Christmas Mama's parents used their miles to fly the kids and Mama out for a weekend of fun. We arrived on a Friday night and Mama and her little brother promptly left to go to dinner at Texas Roadhouse and then we went bowling! On the way to the bowling alley, Little Brother directed Mama to a favorite place of his... the dump! Yes, my little brother took me to the dump on a date! Ha, ha! Bowling.... let's just say Little Brother got lucky... 5 times! Mama only won 2 of the 7 games we played! We had a ton of fun, we even tried bowling left handed for one game. I wouldn't try this again, lol!

Saturday was a day for the kids! Gram Gram and Papa took Miss Piggy out first. They went to the American Girl Doll store. Here you get to choose your doll. Do you want freckles, brown hair, green eyes, earrings? You can have any type of doll you want, with any feature you want. Miss Piggy is very particular and when she has an idea in her mind, she knows what it is and doesn't stray from her choice. This store is HUGE. You could spend hours there. It only took Miss Piggy 10 minutes. She'd like the blue eyes, no freckles, caramel colored hair with earrings please!

Then they take the dolls over to the hair salon and you can pick any hairstyle you'd like. Miss Piggy wanted straight down so she could play with it. So simple!
Miss Piggy got to choose an extra outfit for her doll, several sets of earrings and a pic comb. She had so much fun! Afterwards she got to choose a place for lunch... McDonalds! Gram Gram and Papa didn't want to leave Baby Girl out, so they also picked up a baby for her.

Kermit's activity was at night. He got to go to dinner at his place of choice... Wendy's! Then it was off to see the Harlem Globetrotters!!! They got special passes to go early and Kermit got to go down on the court to get to know the players! He raised his hand and was picked to come out and learn some of their tricks even!! He had an amazing time and is perfecting his tricks everyday here at home. His Jersey is now his favorite shirt and his ball is his best friend!

Thanks for such an amazing weekend!!! We all had a blast. We missed Master Chief, but he had to work and couldn't come. Bummer. We had an adventure getting back home too! We were delayed by 12 hours... with 3 kids... YIKES!!! But the kids were fabulous and were very pleasant travelers.... at 12am!


Ammon & Nicole said...

Wow, that is an amazing weekend! Sounds like a lot of fun!!

Gina Sims said...

What a blast! I never knew there was an American Girl Doll store. Courtney would love it!