Friday, August 7, 2009

August 7, 2002 - Day 7 in the life of Angel Baby

It was yet another fun and exciting day today. Mama made it up to the hospital to see sweet Angel Baby. When she arrived Angel Baby was just laying there. She asked the nurse why she was so quiet and the nurse said, "Oh don't worry, I was just in with her and she was very fiesty. Angel Baby has quite the attitude!" Way to go my little Angel Baby!!! She was taking after her Mommy already!

It was day 7 and Angel Baby had another head ultrasound to check for brain bleeds. This ultrasound came out clean as well!!! Things are looking so wonderful for her.

Mama got to give Angel Baby a bath this afternoon. It was so much fun. The nurse got a blue plastic bowl full of warm water and Mama carefully washed her face, taking time to let her suck on the cloth. Then she put a little baby soap on her cloth and washed her hair. This was Mama's favorite part. It was neat to see her hair move around! Mama's mom was on the side of the bed and was holding Angel Baby's arms and legs down because we didn't want her to use all her energy. Once Mama got down to her bottom and legs, she took off her diaper. Gram-Gram said 'Uh, there's a little spot on her bum, either she's already done something or she's about to!" Well, she was 'about to'!!! The nurse came over to check and all the sudden Angel Baby exploded! She pooped all over her nurse! Then it spread all over her bed and it went up and down her legs and feet! It was that blackish tarry mess. Gram-Gram was so glad that Mama didn't miss out on that part of motherhood! Lucky for Mama it wasn't hard to clean because it was fresh and she had soap and water to clean it with! Giving her a bath was so much fun. Angel Baby was so wiggly and she'd push her feet against Mama's hand. Plus if Mama put her finger inside Angel Baby's hand she'd squeeze it. She was so strong and it was such a delight.

When Mama left that afternoon they were going to try to put her catheter in again. They tried to thread it through her leg but it wouldn't thread, so we'd have to wait another day.

Mama got to hold Angel Baby again tonight. This time Mama told her the story of the Three Little Pigs. Then she told her about her family, all her aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpas. She fell asleep on Mama while she sucked on her binkie.

Angel Baby started to get Mama's milk today. Mama got to feed her tonight and she could tell Angel Baby was hungry. She was restless, but once that milk made it to her tummy she settled right down. What a cutie!

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