Sunday, August 23, 2009

Keeping up with Kermit

Just a few notes about Kermit!

  • After many times practicing, Kermit can now tie his shoes!!!!
  • And just this afternoon, he declared that he swatted a fly with the swatter and HIT it for the first time! Got it on the first try!
  • Kermit is a fantastic baseball batter, thanks to his Uncle Nino for teaching him. Kermit almost never misses a ball when pitched to. Yesterday Mama spent lots of time in the backyard shielding herself from his balls! She only got hit twice!
  • Kermit is going to make a fantastic daddy someday. He loves to hold Baby Girl and when she cries it's not problem for him. He just finds her binky and sticks it in her mouth. He's so calm with her!
  • When Baby Girl cries, if Mama or Master Chief can't get to her right away we ask the kids to pop the binky in her mouth. So the other day Miss Piggy was crying over something and Kermit declared, "Where's Miss Piggy's binky? Just put a binky in her mouth." Um, that's funny!
We sure do love Kermit. Oh, and he gives the best kisses!!!


Camisha Gollaher said...

So fun. I've gotten a few posts behind. LOVE the deer & cemetary, that's hilarious! Berklie comes up with really random things too. P.S. if your kids ever worry about the "monsters" that are in their room...b/c for a little one, THEY ARE THERE..."they are just there to play with you!" They want to be your friend- and Berklie plays her legos with them OFTEN. But, Jesus doesn't let mean mosters come into our house (she tells me), so they don't need to worry about those ones!

Hand chewing? Silly baby. She is just beautiful though! I love your new title picture- she is growing right up.

Kermit- what a hoot!

taf said...

Kermit is such a good kid!